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Welcome to Serpia Salmon ApS

Trading company Serpia Salmon specialise in the purchase and sale of fresh, whole salmon gutted head-on, as well as salmon filets. Serpia Salmon supply Atlantic Salmo Salar salmon farmed in Norway.

We only deal with accredited salmon farmers, and, by working closely with both farmers and transporters, Serpia Salmon ensure that fresh salmon are delivered to European markets immediately after being harvested.

Our excellent logistical arrangements guarantees fresh salmon supplies, and they are only possible because Serpia Salmon work exclusively with reputable farmers and transporters.

Our focus is salmon, but if customers require other fish products Serpia Salmon will do their utmost to meet this demand.

A fair deal

Serpia Salmon value returning customers, and for us that entails providing a fair and competitive price. We maintain competitive prices by keeping a constant and watchful eye on the market, and by keeping an eye on several markets at a time.

In addition to a fair price, a fair deal involves mutual respect between customer and supplier, based on a close relationship that takes its point of departure in the customer's requirements.

A fair deal leaves the customer free to expend their time and resources on adding value to their company, leaving Serpia Salmon to take care of their raw material purchases.


Service is key to Serpia Salmon’s offering as we are interested in durable agreements with our partners. That’s why you can contact Serpia Salmon 24 hours a day, any day of the week; and we speak fluent French, German and English.

Personal contact is of decisive importance for Serpia Salmon, and we’re happy to visit our customers in order to gain insight into their work. The right product at the right price is, of course, a pre-condition of any close relationship. Serpia Salmon are also of the opinion that, where people communicate and act, the personal relationship between the parties is of decisive importance for durable co-operation.

The company is owned and run by Pia Kjær Larsen, who has five years of industry experience. The company is based in Denmark but provide services across Europe.

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Serpia Salmon ApS
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